COVID-19 Information

To our Current and Future Customers,

Wireguys has always been dedicated to providing you with excellent service for all of your wiring and entertainment needs. And during this difficult time we, the Wireguys are even more dedicated to ensuring not only your needs, but your health and well-being as well as our technician's. Please know we are now fully open, so that we can continue to service the Treasure Valley to the best of our ability and that we have, and will, be taking precautions to protect you, your families, and our employees.

We are attempting to limit customer contact and are continuing to implement COVID-19 protocol, per CDC guidelines. We would appreciate your help in this by maintaining COVID-19 protocol, such as social distancing and cough etiquette.

Please also know that we are currently experiencing a high call volume and we are working hard to answer your calls and questions, while also working to catch up on our backlogged customers. Please be patient with our office staff as we attempt to answer every call, and do not hesitate to leave a voicemail, we will return call all messages within 24 hours.

Thank you for your patience and understanding and we wish you all well.

- The Wireguys