Home Automation and Home Security

Home Automation and Home Security
Want to Make Your Home More Entertaining and Accessible?

Want to Make Your Home More Entertaining and Accessible?

Call your dedicated audio video technicians in Meridian & Boise, Idaho at (208) 887-2288

There are plenty of ways for you to revolutionize your home's technology - but there's only one company that you can rely on for all of them. WireGuys offers revolutionary entertainment, surveillance and automation solutions to the Meridian & Boise, Idaho area. We perform a variety of custom services to improve experiences for homeowners and their families. Trust our team of tech experts for:

  • Home automation
  • CCTV surveillance systems
  • Home theater installation
  • Speaker installation
  • A/V wiring (low voltage wiring)

WireGuys also installs media racks and mounts televisions in Meridian & Boise, Idaho. If you're ready to bring an entertainment and technology revolution into your own living room, reach out to WireGuys today at (208) 887-2288.

Cut the cord and pay next to nothing for television

Are you tired of paying hundreds of dollars for channels you don't watch? You can cut cable without sacrificing your favorite channels. Families across Idaho are finding a cheaper way to enjoy the best in entertainment through a combination of digital antenna and streaming services. Call WireGuys today at (208) 887-2288 to learn more about your options for "No Fee TV!"

Multiply your tech and simplify your home life

For home entertainment, speaker installation, home automation and more in Meridian & Boise, Idaho, call WireGuys. Our technicians want you to enjoy the latest and greatest in technology so you and your family can enjoy a simple, connected and entertaining life at home. Call us today and schedule a time for your consultation at (208) 887-2288.